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Curnock Street Estate Newsletter - November 2012

What's Hot (or Not) This Winter?

In this newsletter you will find information about the proposed major works, the hot water compensation for all the residents as well as other issues such as pest control etc.


Half A Million for the New Major Works...

Camden Council is proposing these new major works because according to Mr Gareth Chew  email on the 01st November 2012       "the boilers and plant room equipment in the boiler house have reached the end of their useful life. This is supported by the high levels of breakdowns, extent of repairs and the options Appraisal that was undertaken earlier this year. Last financial year (2011/12), maintenance costs were £43,000 (£150 per dwelling). This figure is expected to rise significantly unless a major refurbishment of the heating scheme is completed." . Read The Story »

... when everything is "fine" for another 10 years*:

A. The boiler house plant is in fairly good condition and has had the refractory brickwork replaced recently in all three boilers. It is estimated that the boilers/burners have another ten years life expectancy.


B. The control panel controls and wiring has approximately ten years life expectancy.

C. The calorifiers will be new.


D. The pumps are in good condition and should also last another ten years.


* Mr Odoi (Capital Works Service Charge Officer, Tel: 020 7974 2813) had stated the above on his email dated 23-03-2011.


Cavity Wall Insulation Works

Residents Deserve Much More

Camden Council has informed us that they have secured funding to complete their cavity wall insulation programme. They will be externally surveying your home to confirm if it has cavity or solid walls and will insulate any tillable cavity walls.

Statutory leaseholder consultation will not be necessary as the works will be done at very low, and in some cases, no cost to Camden.

The insulation will be installed using two types of access: ladders for low rise buildings and rope access (i.e. abseilors) for high rise buildings.

The works are undertaken from the outside of the property by drilling holes at regular points through which the insulation can be injected. There will be some noise and dust whilst the drilling works are undertaken but we will ensure the contractors, Zero Carbon will keep this to a minimum.  Read The Story »


Hot Water Compensation (Jan - April 2012)

Hot Water Compensation

Hot Water Compensation

Camden Council has finally agreed to compensate Leaseholders £100 for the 3-4 months loss of hot water.

Patrick O'Neil stated on his email:

“We have undertaken an analysis of the heating /hot water failures at the block. Many of the failures were partial and would not be caught by our compensation policy.

However in the light of the representations made by Cllr Robinson and the levels of inconvenience caused we have agreed to award £100 to each residency.”

However they are many objections on this subject since some residents have already received higher compensations on May 2012 for exactly the same problem. Read More»


Pest Control Around The Estate

Pest Control Around the estate

Training for all the residents

Read all the recent news about the pest problem on the estate and the actions that the Camden Council has taken to reduce the problem inside and around the flats.

We are awaiting some information from the Curnock TRA regarding their correspondence with the council about this issue. Read The Story »


Future Plans - Roadmap

Tell us what we think and share your own ideas

Paper Newsletters: For residents that cannot access the internet or for those that prefer a paper copy for their records.

Video News: Short videos with the latest news and decisions. If you want to be the presenter for those videos please let us know.

Postal Vote: The aim is to allow residents to vote for the group's decisions and elections via a postal vote. The aim is to engage as many residents are possible.

Social Events/Contribution: The aim is to create groups that will do some activities to make our area better. These activities can be gardening, tiding up some areas, training courses, etc

 Future Plans

Exciting Plans for the future


How To Join Us - ONLINE


The easiest way to join us is by registering for an account via our website. Please remember to tick the box indicating that you want to participate/help in the CSE group.


If you are a register member already then you will have to login to the website as normal and visit your Account Details. Then click on the CSE Group Participation box and enter your contact number. Read more here.


How To Join Us - OFFLINE

If you do not have access to computers then you

can join us by sending your contact details to:

CSE Group,

PO Box 63394,

London NW1W 9YF



TEXT to 07946 321 351

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