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Curnock Street Estate Newsletter - July 2012

CSE Group - Your Choice, Your Voice

Why should you join? Is it really necessary to join this group and what will be the benefits?

In our opinion the CSE Group  is necessary especially after the last AGM meeting on the 26th April 2012 and the unsuccessful TRA elections. At the moment nobody represents us as there isn't an elected permanent person for the TRA's Chair and Secretary posts. Also the lack of  representatives from the estate's buildings does not help.

The main objectives for this group will be to allow residents to have a voice and be able to be aware of the different issues around the estate. The reasons and the benefits for joining our group are:


A Group Including ALL Residents

The aim is to allow everybody to participate to the new group. A group  dedicated to the estate and its residents' needs. We want leaseholders, council and private tenants to be part of the new  group and participate in any and every possible way they find convenient. This can be via the website, phone, post, twitter, skype, etc

We promote and believe that everyone must have the right to elect and   be elected as well as be able to participate and contribute to the decisions made for this estate.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with the current TRA. Read The Story »

The CSE Group enables participation via:



 Voting in polls and petitions, submit stories,  comment on existing stories, ask questions, find out about our events and social meetings, etc




Allow residents to contact the new team by phone*, email, online form, skype*, msn*, twitter, etc

You could also participate in every meeting via our new online tool (Cover IT Live) which will provide constant updates to residents and allow them to participate in real time to the meetings notes from the comfort of their flats.




The aim is to allow residents to contact

us by post for sending stories, feedback,

voting, etc.

We will also send a paper newsletter to residents who cannot access the internet..

    * These facilities will be available in the near future.

Current CurnockTRA - April 2012

Residents Deserve Much More

In our opinion the disadvantages of the Curnock TRA as it stands at the moment are:

Restrictive: CurnockTRA informs residents about the current affairs every few months and only if the residents are present on their meetings (4 in the whole year). This prevents the majority of residents to get informed due to their busy work schedules, disabilities, easy access to the Marr, etc

Undemocratic: CurnockTRA does not allow all residents to participate to the TRA and they tend to make decisions against residents without announcing their decisions to them. Please have in mind that the meeting notes are confidential ! It is also important to have in mind that the maximum number of people who attend their meetings is 15 which is a fraction of the total number of residents.

Lack of Transparency: The election results, decisions, funds spending, residents attendance to meetings, etc are not available to anyone and for that reason it is not possible to check if everything is right or done properly.

Difficult to Contact: At the moment you can contact CurnockTRA only via email. From our own experience CurnockTRA has never replied to any of our emails or requests.

Incapable: The CurnockTRA does not have enough members to do the basic functions of a normal TRA. There is only one member and three representatives.

Comparison: See the comparison between the Curnock TRA, our website and the other TRAs.


Our Contribution So Far

Curnock Estate Petition

One of our successful contributions

The Curnock Street Estate website is online since 2007 and has allowed residents to access all the information regarding the Curnock Estate. That information has been obtained from different resources. There is a search facility that allows residents to search our five years archive in order to  retrieve the relevant information easily.

In the last year we have run a petition about the Hot Water issues on the estate in which many residents have contributed. 120 signatures allowed us to successfully request a refund from the council and a more frequent updates.

Our website allowed the residents to comment on the published stories, shared them with their neighbours and vote in our online polls.

The twitter functionality allowed the website to offer faster news reporting as well as connect with other TRAs in Camden that facing similar issues with us. We are learning learn from each other and help each other in any way we can.

At the moment we have 40 registered users, 17 followers in our Twitter, 120 signatures from our petition and very good feedback from our users:

A resident from Trimdon wrote: "The site and the petition have raised awareness across the estate and motivated the ... resident’s into speaking out.... " and : "We need a voice and a way to demonstrate to the council exactly how many properties are affected by different incidents and your site has provided us with that. "


Free Training For Residents

Training for all the residents

We are in the process of putting online training courses for all residents who want to learn new skills (computers, gardening, cooking, etc). 

Learn and test your knowledge at anytime of the day and at your own pace online.  If that is not suitable for you, we will try to provide face to face meetings in which we will provide the same training.

Curnock Street Estate - Free Training»


Future Plans - Roadmap

Tell us what we think and share your own ideas

Paper Newsletters: For residents that cannot access the internet or for those that prefer a paper copy for their records.

Video News: Short videos with the latest news and decisions. If you want to be the presenter for those videos please let us know.

Postal Vote: The aim is to allow residents to vote for the group's decisions and elections via a postal vote. The aim is to engage as many residents are possible.

Social Events/Contribution: The aim is to create groups that will do some activities to make our area better. These activities can be gardening, tiding up some areas, training courses, etc

 Future Plans

Exciting Plans for the future


How To Join Us - ONLINE


The easiest way to join us is by registering for an account via our website. Please remember to tick the box indicating that you want to participate/help in the CSE group.


If you are a register member already then you will have to login to the website as normal and visit your Account Details. Then click on the CSE Group Participation box and enter your contact number. Read more here.


How To Join Us - OFFLINE

If you do not have access to computers then you

can join us by sending your contact details to:

CSE Group,

PO Box 63394,

London NW1W 9YF



TEXT to 07946 321 351

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