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5 Hottest Stories Today.

Welcome to the new way of informing residents about the latest stories and events on the estate. Please find below the 5 most recent and hottest stories:


Meeting with Stuart Dilley (Head of Repairs)

Cllr Roger Robinson had organised a meeting on 21st March 2012 with Stuart Dilley (Head of Repairs), the local councillors and members of the TRA.

The point of the meeting was the recent lack of hot water on the estate for the last three months. Read more »

Main points of the meeting with Stuart Dilley
  A. Cllr Robinson was advised during the meeting that everything was well.  

B. On 22nd March 2012 residents experienced low temperatures during the morning hours.

  C. The current temperatures for the hot water are far below the standards which specify 50º C one minute after you open your tap  Read more »

£35,000 is the budget for the repairs

Camden Council's Budget for the Repairs

The main points of this budget are:

Cost for the Residents: Camden Council has a budget for these works of £35,000, but there will be no charge to residents.

Primary Heating Pumps: On the 20th March 2012 Camden Council has installed two new primary heating pumps. They replaced the two primary pumps which had been repaired at our cost last September.

Other Equipment: The quantities ordered are: 3 x BEVs, 3x actuators, 3 x butterfly valves 2 x actuators for PHEs 3 x boiler thermostats. The cost of those components is £10820.00. The labour cost is £6,000.00

Read More »


Lack of Updates

Lack of Updates from Camden Council

Camden Council as well as their contractors for those repairs, Apollo Group, have not provided enough, accurate and timely updates to the residents. Many of us have received anonymous letters through our letterboxes that have no contact details or references.

Read More About This »


Camden New Journal Article

Camden New Journal Article

Curnock Street Estate Residents

Ms Georgia Graham from the Camden New Journal wrote an article about the hot water problems on our estate.

She spoke with some residents as well as the Camden Council.

Read The Article »


Petition & Comments: See what's hot or not!

Read what others think and share your own experience

102 people have signed our petition supporting our campaign for solving the problem ASAP, better communication from Camden Council, better management,. planning and resolution of such problems.


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Curnock Estate Petition
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Residents' Meeting

We will try to organise a meeting with the residents in order to discuss the current issues on the estate. If you would like to attend please let us know by email .

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