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Saturday Cleaning on the estate

Saturday Cleaning 18-01-2016 Over the past few months the Council has received numerous reports of Anti-social Behaviour taking place at weekends on your estate. We have also been receiving complaints regarding the misuse of refuse rooms and bins around the estate.

Read the original: Saturday Caretaker Service

Leaving Items/Rubbish outside your flat

Leaving Items/Rubbish outside your flat The District Housing Office has received complaints from the Caretaking Service and neighbours about items and rubbish left outside some residents flat. Mr Amran Ahmed has also witnessed bags of rubbish outside resident’s front door.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal At 06:30am this morning the contractors from Camden Council arrived on the estate and started the removal of the remaining graffiti on the Darfield Building.

This was organised by Mr Gary Nicholls after a meeting with residents from the estate.

Cleaning & Repairs in Goldthorpe

Cleaning & Repairs in Goldthorpe August 2014 On the 05th August 2014, Ms Veronica Hemin, Supervisor Caretaking arranged for the communal room in Goldthorpe to be cleaned and all the rubbish to be removed.

Prior to that she had also arranged for the door of the communal room to be changed. The replacement door was installed on the 31st July 2014.

Unhealthy Situation Outside Goldthorpe

Unhealthy Situation Outside Goldthorpe 06th August 2013 We have sent an email to the council regarding the rubbish situation about the two Euro bins located on the front part of the Goldthorpe building. Mr Fraser Valdez, Estate Services Supervisor, replied to us quickly and efficiently. Read his response below:

Letter From Mr Amran Ahmed About Waste Disposal

LetterAbout Waste Disposal from Mr Amran Ahmed Camden council has taken some measures against the mice and rats infestation on the estate but that was not very successful because some residents are still disposing their rubbish in an inappropriate manner.

The following letter from Mr Amran Ahmed, Estate Officer, is part of Camden Council's efforts to reduce the infestation problems on the estate.

It will be sent to all the residents of the estate today. The original letter can be found on this link.

Rubbish inside and outside the buildings

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