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Service Charges 1999-2008

Service Charges in Goldthorpe
This chart shows the Service Charges that a resident had to pay every year since 1999. The data are taken from a flat in the Goldthorpe building. As you can see the service charges have been increased by 274.10% since 1999.

Camden's Budget 2008/2009

The following letter was sent to the residents of the Curnock Estate:

"Dear Resident,

Following the consultation on Camden's budget that was held between September and November last year, I am writing to update you on the decisions that have been taken by the Executive regarding Camden's budget for 2008/09.

74% Reduction in the Estate's Budget

We have been informed that the total budget for the improvements in the Curnock Estate has been reduced from £1.38 millions to £350,000. If we received more information we will let you know asap.

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