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A Small Fortune For Every Extra IRS Socket

The unhelpful secretary of the contractor for the IRS, Custom TV, has just informed us that

- her manager's name was Chris Pritchard and his email address is (invalid address*) or maybe
- the company director's name is Simon Craig
- they told us that an extra TV connection would cost £65 but to have the SKY TV connection would cost £250
- If you wanted this you could request it when you receive the 2nd letter (the one after the red dot letter) which will be asking you to make an appointment to connect the TV cable inside your house. This letter may not arrive for another 2 months.

When we called again because the e-mail address did not work she gave us another e-mail address: which is also INVALID!!!

IRS Cost, Two Consultations & Extra Sockets


How much money will each flat on the Curnock Estate contribute to the IRS?


Tenants are paying according to para1.2 of the Executive Report of 22 April 2008 entitled “Integrated Reception Systems (HASC/2008/28)”, namely:

Notice of Rent Increase

The following letter was sent to the Council Tenants of the Mexborough building. The letter is about the intent to increase the rent. To view the original document click here.

London Borough of Camden
Bidborough House
20 Mabledon Place


The Council Executive has decided to increase rents and charges from 5 April 2010 in line with the government's policy on rent restructuring.

Service Charge Adjustment Y/E March 2009

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330.88% Increase in Service Charges

The Service Charges have been increased by 330.88% in the last ten years. The increase from last year figure is 22.72%.

Water Charges

All the leaseholders have received the following letter from the Camden Council concerning the water charges. If you want to see the original letter click here.

11 August 2008

Dear Leaseholder,

You may be aware that Camden recently negotiated a reduction in water charges for some of its tenants. Naturally, we cannot do so for leaseholders, who are direct customers of Thames Water, but we would like to draw your attention to an option that you may not be aware of.

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