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Leasehold Building Insurance Statement 2014

Leasehold Building Insurance Statement The following letter was sent to the leaseholders of the Curnock Street Estate. The original document can be found on this link.

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London Borough of Camden
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38-50 Bidborough Street
London WC1H9DB
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Leasehold Buildings Insurance Statement

The following is a brief summary of the cover provided under the Household Buildings policy arranged for London Borough of Camden with Zurich Municipal. It is intended to be evidence of insurance cover; and sets out the information held in the policy records maintained by Camden on behalf of the insurer; it is not the policy and is not intended to replace the policy.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal

Policy Number: 10/006460/05500331

Period of Insurance: April 2014 to 31 March 2015

Insured Parties: The London Borough of Camden (as freeholder or head lessee), any Freeholder, any leaseholder, Lender or Mortgagee and others

Insured Premises: Any Private dwelling as identified by the schedule maintained by the London Borough of Camden

Insured Risks and Excesses:

Your buildings are insured against loss or damage caused by the following major events: Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, strikes, labour or political disturbances, malicious damage*, collision by vehicles, aircraft or animals, storm or flood, escape of water from any fixed tank*, falling trees or branches, theft or attempted theft*, subsidence, ground heave, or landslip, leakage of oil from any fixed oil-fired installation, damage caused by falling television aerials or satellite dishes.

Also includes extended accidental damage cover.

Damage to buildings by the risks marked * is not insured if the buildings have been unoccupied for more than 30 days.

• Subsidence, ground heave or landslip - £1,000 excess per unit. Maximum excess £2,500 per Block
• £250 excess all other claims

Additional Covers

• The insurance includes:

ooo professional fees necessarily incurred in reinstating insured damage.
ooo debris removal, demolition, shoring up costs following insured damage.
ooo the additional cost of reinstating insured damage incurred in complying with public authority requirements.

• Loss of Rent & Alternative Accommodation when leasehold properties are rendered uninhabitable by insured damage subject to a limit of 20% of the sum insured.
• Legal Liability as Owner - Limit of Indemnity £2,000.000.
• Trace and Access - costs incurred in relation to the leaseholder's demise in locating the source and subsequent making good following damage b> escape of water- limit £5000 any one loss.

Sum Insured

Adjusted annually in accordance with the RICS House Rebuilding Cost Index. We do not
identify sums insured on the insurance statement as the policy provides for reinstatement value i.e. the value at the time of loss.

Claims Handling

Claims to be reported by telephone to the Zurich Municipal Claims Team on 08700 108855 or by email or by email to