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New Information About The Major Works (Boiler Room)

New Information About The Major Works (Boiler Room) The following information about the new equipment inside the boiler room was received under the Freedom of Information Act.

The brand/manufacturer name, model, quantities, specifications, price (if avail) for the following:

1) Current three boilers

The three current boilers are Babcock Robey shell boilers rated at 1,197kW installed in 1993. We are sorry to inform you that no cost information is held. This is because the Council’s financial information retention schedule was exceeded, and consequently the information is no longer extant.

2) New three boilers that will be installed this summer

The three new boilers are Hoval SR Plus 1200 shell boilers each rated at 1,200kW. The pre-construction cost (of the boilers only) is £78,200.

3) Old pumps (8 pumps are installed in total)

There is no change / renewal to existing system pumps downstream of boiler plant.

4) New pumps (2 primary and 6 normal)

The new boiler circulation pumps (1 per boiler) are Grundfos TPE125-70/4. The pre-construction cost (of the pumps only) is £8,600.

5) Any other major component that the contractors will replace (i.e. gas equipment, etc.)

There will be: a complete new flue system; new boiler controls & field wiring; new boiler circulation pipe work and insulation; improvements to plant room lighting ;testing and commissioning; provision of handover information and builders work in connection.

The pre-construction costs for the remainder of the works are in the order of £196,000.

Please note that all costs quoted are pre-construction values and are exclusive of
contingency sums e.g. possible replacement of differential pressure valves (PRV) and flue/chimney modifications/ replacements. These items will be firmed as the design development phase progresses.

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