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Section 20B Notice: Integrated Reception Systems and Associated Works

Section 20B Notice: Integrated Reception Systems and Associated Works The following letter is sent to the leaseholders of the Curnock Street Estate. The original document can be found on this link.

Home Ownership Services
London Borough of Camden
Bidborough House
38-50 Bidborough Street
London WC1H9DB

Tel: 020 7974 5107
Fax: 020 7974 6327

Date 27th December 2012

Your reference
Our reference 09/015

Enquiries to Victor Akinbisehin

The Leaseholder(s)

Camden Street
London NW1

Dear Leaseholder(s)

Unit: Goldthorpe,Camden Street,London,NW1

Please find enclosed your Section 20B Notice under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended).

The contract that this refers to is Integrated Reception Systems, and Associated Works.

Under the terms of the legislation, if a final account for a contract is not issued within 18 months of the contract starting, the Council can only recover an increase in contract costs from you, if it has informed you of that increase within 18 months of it being incurred.

Therefore the purpose of this Section 20B Notice is to keep you informed of the contract cost every 18 months, so that you can be forewarned of any increase in your final contribution from the original estimate.

Please note that the amount spent, relates to all of the blocks within the contract, and not just your block.

I have listed the properties involved in the contract below:

• 1-22 Barnsborough (cons), NW1 OHL - B00043
• 1-18 Billingley (Cons), NW1 OHJ - B00044
• 1-9 Conisborough (Cons), NW1 OBP - B00054
• 1-18 Darfield (Cons), NW1 OBN - B00045
• 1-34 Goldthorpe (Cons), NW1 OHH - B00046
• 1-10 Marr (Cons), NW1 OHE - B00048
• 1-66 Mexborough, NW1 OBL - B00049
• 1-18 Ravenscar (Cons), NW1 OHD - B00050
• 1-18 Thurnscoe (Cons), NW1 OHD - B00051
• 1-18 Warmsworth (Cons), NW1 OHN - B00053

Final accounts for this contract will only be issued once the defects liability period has ended and Camden has audited the final account, and has agreed that the work was completed to a satisfactory level.

If you would like to discuss this letter and the information it contains, please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 7974 5891.

Yours faithfully,

Victor Akinbisehin
Capital Service Charge Officer

Notice under Section 20B Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (As amended)

Unit: Goldthorpe,Camden Street,London,NW1

Further to the Section 20 Notice issued to you on 18th January 2010 please note that in accordance with Section 20B of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, (as amended), the Council wishes to inform you that it has currently incurred costs of £52,884.55 for the above contract. The original estimated cost for this contract was £85,470.00.

As previously stated, please note that this figure is provided to you for information purposes only. It is not an additional invoice or a demand for payment. It is only to advise you of the cost incurred to date in relation to the contract.

As set out in your Section 20 Notice, you will be expected to contribute towards this cost, together with the relevant supervision and management fees.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Akinbisehin
Capital Service Charge Officer