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Gate's Broken Lock Repair - REF: 1736841/1

Broken Lock on the Pratt Street Entrance The Gerda Lock of the gate that is located on the Pratt Street entrance has been broken. An appointment arranged for the 24th September 2014 from 08:00 - 09:30

Faulty Closer on the The Marr Entry Door - REF 1734530-1

Entry Door System in The Marr On the 02nd September 2014, we have informed the council's repairs team about the faulty closer on the entry door of The Marr building (REF 1734530-1).

The repair is scheduled for Thursday 4th September 2014 between 09:00 and 11:00am.

Cleaning & Repairs in Goldthorpe

Cleaning & Repairs in Goldthorpe August 2014 On the 05th August 2014, Ms Veronica Hemin, Supervisor Caretaking arranged for the communal room in Goldthorpe to be cleaned and all the rubbish to be removed.

Prior to that she had also arranged for the door of the communal room to be changed. The replacement door was installed on the 31st July 2014.

CSE Residents Social Meeting

After the recent dissolution of the Curnock TRA, it was decided that it would be better to start some social meetings on the estate in which any resident can come and socialise with other residents.

This will hopefully help to create a strong community on the estate and a better environment for all of us to live in.

At the moment we are at very early stages of the whole process but we are very enthusiastic and willing to put a lot of effort in order to make this meeting a success.

Dissolution of the Curnock Street TRA

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Curnock TRA Dissolution On the 17th June 2014, the residents of the Curnock Estate have received the following letter. The original can be found here.

Issues Reporting and Support for Residents - Beta

Issues Reporting and Support for Residents We are preparing an online Tracking/Ticketing system in which residents can report problems and issues around the estate. Then our CSE team will try to follow those issues with the council.

This is service is not associated with the council or has any connection with the council. It runs by residents on the estate and it does not provide any guarantee.

Information About The Latest Long Term Agreement

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