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Frequently Asked Questions - General

General Questions

First you must create an account with the Curnock Estate website. After your account has been approved from the moderator and your account is active, you will be able to do the following:

1) Login with your username and password.
2) Click on the "Create content" on the left hand side menu. (Read Note below)
3) Choose the appropriate item (blog entry, FAQ, etc) from the list.
4) Fill the appropriate fields (Title, Question, etc)
5) Press the "Submit" button on the lower part of the page.

What happens next?

The information will be checked from the moderator in order to minimise spam entries and to find out if the following rules are respected:

1) No offensive or racist comments.
2) Untrue or malicious information.
3) Information irrelevant to the website.
4) Identical information already submitted from another person.

The website's aim is to allow everyone to publish their opinions without any editing or alterations as long as the above rules are followed.

NOTE: This option is not enabled by default. You will have to send an e-mail to us by using the contact us link. After that we will enable this feature on your account.

If you want to thank the police or make a complaint, please use this Online Form

1) Call the police on 020 7404 12 12 (24 hours) or 0300 123 12 12
2) If the incident is between 18:00 and 02:00 you can additionally call the Mobile Security Unit on 020 7974 1888 or 020 7974 1889
3) Also you can contact the Safe Neighbourhood on 020 8721 2810 (leave a messsage)